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Spontaneous actions. Fast paced thinking. Controlling. These are only some of the things you will encounter when playing Levels of Life, It is likely no one will ever get to the end to find out the reason a koala wants you to keep playing a repetitive game. Do you think you could?

Levels of Life is a game made that was inspired by 'apparently there's a cheat code to happiness' by a vocaloid artist as it seemed easy enough to make. I wanted to make a rhythm-like game but didn't have an idea of how to go about it so the song was really just an excuse to make one. Controls are explained in the game.

Apart from the copyright free music all assets are self made from scratch.

Development log


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it's slightly harder now there are more than just the arrows.

I only got 430  (U.U)

wounder how much more difficult I can get it

879! Wooo! \( º0º)/

It was fun. Would never play again because of the repetitiveness. However, it hooked me up for longer that I'd have liked to, hahah!