A short pixlated rhythm game attempt for the Music game jam in around 48 hours. All music used is royalty free and all art was self made (so I think it balences out nicely :3).

The Game is still in the in-development stage so certain items might not work like they should, for example you will need to double click on the UI Buttons to actually start the track. Also though there is a scoring system it isn't fully implemented, so it will not remember your score and it will also carry over into the next song.


Q, W - to catch the sounds

LMB - to click on UI buttons (you may need to click them twice).

If you want to pause just click out of the game.


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I'm not good with words in English, so I apologize in advance if I sound rude or offensive. I just want to offer some helpful advice.
What you have here is a good beginning, but to be honest, it currently needs a lot of work. I'll tell you what I personally think could make it more enjoyable:

  • About the graphics, if you're going for pixel art, you should try to make the different objects with a similar pixel size. The character sprite's  amount of detail contrasts too much with the rest of the background. Same goes for the musical notes.
  • Also, the button marks aren't circular/square/like anything. Their shape looks so off putting.
  • The letters, though. The 'Q' in a non-pixelated font?
  • The music is a good selection, but the songs are too long, in my opinion. I got tired and I wasn't even through a third part...
  • You should consider making the notes synchronize with the song's tempo. It just felt like mindless button pressing.
  • To which I may add, you can literally button mash through every note without any penalty.
  • The UI buttons just don't work. You say two clicks may be needed but, after a song, the UI may even stop working at all! (the buttons react to the clicks and are pressed, but don't do nothing at all).
  • This is personal, but I believe the clouds move so fast they distract my attention from the musical notes. But that may be just me.

I hope you find something of what I said of any use. :) This feels like it could be a great relzaxing game! Cheers!

First off thanks for so much to go off of and I didn't think it was mean like you were worried. So let me fill in the reasoning behind the things I had done for that game.

Point no.1 was a thing about the difference in detail in the graphics, I had some stuff in my mind that I wanted to create for example the tree on the edge of a cliff like grassy field, the reason there is difference in quality is because if the character was the same as the background I was afraid of it blending in or just not looking like a person.

Point no.2+3 the shapes are actually perfect, for some reason when I imported them edge on the sides was cut off and I didn't have time to fix it with how much I had left to do as well as taking into account my computers speed in exporting the games. Q was not in the pixlated font because there was no Q in the pixlated font, it looked like an O which might have confused the player. I admit I should have found a better font so that's my bad.

point no.4 I honestly did plan on making custom sequences for each song but due to the length of the songs there was no way I would have gotten it done and so I spent most of my time making a spawning system with custom speed and timing in order to try and at least get the tempo of each song correct so the player did not seem completely disconnected from the song. also to be honest you could literally button mash any rhythm game and get a decent score, Iv done that many a times on OSU!

point no.6 I have no idea whats going on with those UI buttons I have a very limited knowledge of coding so I doubt that will ever get fixed.

point no.7 The clouds were a strange thing, though I am an animator I was not familiar with how unity uses curves so it was gradually speeding up, I made it slightly better which made it look a little continuous rather than a speed up thing. By the time I had finished with the curves I had completely forgot about the speed. I tend to forget most things about this project for example I didn't add the character till about two hours before I submitted :P

I'm sure these things are annoying for anyone but ya gotta know this is my first ever 48 hour jam and so I was bound to make mistakes. I also personally want to say congrats on actually completing a track they were ridiculously long, for some reason a short piano composition is alien to royalty free web sites.

Glad to be of any help :) I understand that, being a first short jam, it must've been quite challenging.