Making Dust Particles For New Background To Suit the UI

I felt like the cartoon like background didn't suit the slightly more realistic UI I rushed out for the game jam submission. I realised that after having a break from working for the jam that I would make a 3D version of the background because I'm much quicker with 3D allowing me to focus on other things rather than spend that time drawing a background I thought might work. I wanted a background that could hold the same if not more of an emotional/ artistic impact like what I wanted the game to do, 3D was Ideal for this task.

As for the dust particle system which is the subject of this entry, I added them because the scene seemed empty and not very appealing to look at. The dust was perfect for this as it is something that is small but energetic that made the scene more dynamic. I also do not have much experience with particle systems (even though I may go into VFX animation one day) which was a major miscalculation on my part.

As for the game I have to say I expect something that fully works to be done by the end of June. I may continue to update it after then but I also said that for Ballista Bunny and yet two months later I haven't got around to it so don't keep your hopes up.

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